Stackable wooden Jerk Blocks (set of 2)

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Technical Informations

Dimensions : 50x50x90cm
Weight : 80kg
Color : Beige
Material : Wood


Wooden jerk blocks are weightlifting accessories designed to improve your jerking technique. They are designed to support the weight of the bar and discs, allowing weightlifters to concentrate on the pushing phase of the movement. Jerk blocks can also be used for other exercises, such as partial deadlifts, floor presses, step ups and box jumps.


  • Improved technique Jerk blocks allow weightlifters to concentrate on the push phase of the throw, considered the most difficult part of the movement.
  • Adjustable height: The adjustable height of the wooden jerk blocks enables weightlifters to customize the exercise to suit their level of progress. Each lot is made up of 4 cases of different heights: 5cm / 15cm / 30cm / 38cm, allowing a minimum height of 5cm and a maximum height of 88cm.
  • Safety : wooden throwing blocks allow weightlifters to safely abandon a movement if necessary. In the event of failure, weightlifters can simply drop the bar onto the throwing blocks, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Durability : Throw blocks are made of 2 cm-thick wood. A durable material that can withstand the most demanding workouts.
  • Versatility Jerk blocks can be used for a variety of weightlifting exercises: cleans, floor presses and partial deadlifts.


They allow athletes to confidently abandon a movement when necessary. This reduces the risk of injury. The adjustable height allows each athlete to customize their workout to suit their skill level and strength.

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