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With the explosion in popularity of MMA, many are rushing to academies to get some MMA training. Whether it's for the health benefits or to try to fulfill their dream of becoming an MMA fighter.

As more and more people train, there is a high demand for combat sports equipment. In particular, there is a demand for MMA gloves.

There are many different brands and types of MMA gloves and it can be difficult to find a good pair. This article is intended to help you know what to look for in a good pair of MMA gloves.

We will list what distinguishes good gloves from bad gloves and how to care for them. We will then go over the different types of MMA gloves and give you some recommendations.

Those new to training may not know that not all MMA gloves are the same. There are different styles of gloves designed for different purposes. Here are descriptions of each type of MMA gloves.


These are the type of gloves you see professional fighters in the UFC, Bellator or One FC wearing. Combat style MMA gloves are 4 ounce leather gloves that offer just enough padding to protect the fighter's joints. They also ensure that the opponent doesn't cut themselves every time they land a punch, as is the case in bare-knuckle boxing.

A pair of sparring gloves is specifically designed to be worn in competition and not for training. If you are an amateur, you should wear training gloves, not competition gloves.


Sparring gloves are the equipment used when doing live sparring and partner drills in training. Their design is very different from sparring gloves and bag gloves.

A pair of sparring gloves is designed with more circular and smooth padding around the knuckles. They are also more padded than sparring gloves, allowing you to mimic competitive strikes without hurting your training partners. If you're the type of practitioner who likes to train live in a fighting style, you need these MMA gloves.

You need to be very careful when buying new MMA gloves. Here is what you should look for when buying a pair of MMA gloves. Don't forget to look for these qualities when doing your research.


The two best and most common materials used to make MMA gloves are leather and synthetic leather. Leather gloves are by far the best option and will last the longest, but being the best makes them more expensive.

Synthetic leather gloves are the cheapest option, but are still a durable piece of equipment. When shopping for gloves, always look for options that include these types of materials.


Just like with boxing gloves, you really need to feel if your potential MMA gloves offer good wrist support. A pair of gloves with good wrist support will allow you to train better and not worry about injuring your wrists.

Wrist injuries during training are common and come from either poor form or gloves that don't properly support the wrists. In addition to learning how to hit properly, you need to purchase gloves that provide optimal wrist support to stay on the mat.


To train at your best, the equipment you wear should be comfortable. If you have MMA gloves that don't fit properly or hurt when you wear them, they are hindering your training. If possible, always try on your potential MMA gloves to see if they are comfortable.


When buying combat sports equipment, you should always look for a recognized brand. In general, the reason many of these companies are recognized is because they have taken the time to make quality products. Never settle for a generic brand of MMA gloves and always look for a brand that is known for its quality products.

It is also your responsibility to take care of your gloves if you want to use them for years of training. Even the best gloves deteriorate quickly if you don't take care of them. Here are some tips for taking care of your MMA gloves.


The next best thing to antiseptic wipes is to have an antiseptic spray ready to spray on your gloves after training. They don't clean as well as the wipes, but they do kill a lot of the germs. It also keeps your gloves smelling fresh and prevents that awful workout smell.


Once you get home and clean your gloves, be sure to take them out of your bag to dry. You should always let the equipment you've used dry and never leave it in your bag overnight. Leaving your sweaty gear in your bag overnight can lead to mold growth and a permanent bad smell.


The two biggest mistakes people make when cleaning their gear are using a washing machine and a dryer. This is the quickest way to ruin your MMA gloves or any other equipment.

A washing machine will soak your gloves, as the foam absorbs water like a sponge.  The Velcro straps will also be damaged and will probably not stay attached.

Using a dryer afterwards will only make things worse. You can dry your gloves afterwards, but the hot air will crack and peel the leather. Never use machines to clean and dry your MMA gloves.


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